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Travel insurance, it's important!'
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Do you offer other types of packages not shown on the website?

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Group travel deal | Vacation
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Forfaits [Questions]
My name contains an accent.
Travel tips [Questions]
Where can I find more travel tips?
Netvacations [Questions]
Who is NetVacations?
Packages [Questions]
How do I get your specials?
Do you offer other types of packages not shown on the website?
Let's talk insurance [Questions]
We are 2 couples travelling. Do we need more than one insurance policy?
Passport, Taxes and tickets [Questions]
Is a Visa required to travel to my destination?
Where do I apply for a Canadian passport?
Is a Visa required to travel to my destination?
Is there a departure tax in the country I am visiting?
Are there countries that don`t require a passport for travel?
Qu'est-ce qu'un billet électronique?
When will I receive my tickets?
Santé [Questions]
Do I need any special vaccines in order to travel?
I am pregnant. Can I travel?
Can I take prescription medications with me ?
Luggage information [Questions]
What can I take in my carry-on bag?
What is the weight allowed for my luggages?
What should I pack for my trip?
Pratico-pratique [Questions]
We are travelling with children. What should we consider?
No one can watch my pet while I am away. What can I do?
Parking your car at the airport vs. taking a cab
During your trip [Questions]
What is the best way to make a call ?
What if I get sick while on vacation?
Are local excursions offered by the hotel safe?
What precautions should I take regarding food and drinks?
Do I need to make reservations for dinner?
Cuba [Questions]
Do I really need proof of medical insurance to enter Cuba?
Where can I purchase Cuban currency ?